A smart city, in its most basic sense, leverages available technologies and innovations to enhance the living conditions of its residents. It focuses on integrating infrastructure, social and human capital, and disruptive technologies to build a sustainable economy and participatory governance.

The concept of smart city encompasses optimization of the efficiency of city operations and services, and connected citizens. Smart city technology enables city officials to interact directly with both communities and city infrastructure, and monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving.

Smart mobility is one of the major requirements for the development of smart cities. Smart mobility deals with providing intelligent and sustainable transportation solutions using innovative and integrated technologies. It includes the promotion of environmentally friendly transport modes such as electric vehicles, shared transportation services, and on-demand mobility services. It promotes convenient and safe multimodal travel, accessibility, and efficient use of roads and resources through a strong circulation network management.

Within the Smart Mobility segment, LumiGuide Smart Mobility Solutions focuses on the parking management and advanced traffic management (traffic analysis) sub-segments.