On the 20th of December 2019, the Dutch Supreme Court ordered the Dutch State to reduce Dutch greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the end of 2020. This is a historic legal order to the Dutch government just a day after the world’s climate scientists warned that the time was running out.

The order of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands refers to the reduction of emissions to protect human rights. The Friday’s ruling rejected the government’s appeal and said that the Dutch government must act “on account of the risk of dangerous climate change that could also have a serious impact on the rights to life and well-being of residents of the Netherlands.”

The Urgenda case v. The State of the Netherlands

This Urgenda Climate Case against the Dutch Government was the first case in the world where citizens established that the government has a legal duty to prevent the dangerous effects of climate change. The case was started in 2012 by a group of around 900 individuals who wanted to take the government to court if there was no serious prevention action against climate change.

This ruling could have an impact beyond the Netherlands because the Dutch Court based its decision in part on the European Convention on Human Right, a treaty that is binding in 47 states including Russia and Turkey. This will allow the citizens of countries included in the treaty to use the Dutch decision and argue that European law is on their side regarding action against climate change.

LUMIGUIDE and emissions reduction

LUMIGUIDE supports the reduction of carbon emission by our pledge on the CO2 performance ladder in the Club van 49. We are motivated to implement the reduction of emissions within our company management, production and the solutions that we deliver. We realised that the ruling of the Urgenda case v. The State of the Netherlands one of the ‘strongest’ climate ruling which means the reduction of greenhouse gas emission is a court binding law action. Therefore, our solutions focus on green mobility, mostly by giving easy access to pedestrian and cyclist to navigate in the city. The green mobility aimed to reduce/optimise the use of fuel-based transportation (such as cars) and increase active mobility transportation such as cycling and walking.

The Smart Parking Management

Our Smart Parking Management Solution consists of:

  1. Bicycle Detection Systems which allows parking garages in the city to show the number of available parking racks for the cyclist.
  2. Moreover, we also offer a Car Detection System to detect the number of available parking spots for the car, which reduces the amount of rounds cars make to find a parking spot.
  3. In addition to that, Real-time digital signs indicate the free parking spots in each facility.
  4. And for the users, we provide Mobile Parking Apps that allows the cyclist to know the closest facility with available racks.

The Urban Mobility Management

In the Urban Mobility Management sector, our solutions consist of:

  1. A Route Information System, which is a P-route for the cyclists to navigate better in the city and find parking locations faster.
  2. Besides that, Traffic Flow analysis analyses the traffic of pedestrian and cyclist within the inner city, which provides information of the mobility of the city to improve the management of inner-city traffic.
  3. Moreover, Smart Waste Management makes waste pick-up more efficient by optimising the route for pick-up, which help in the reduction of the carbon emission from the waste pick-up trucks.
  4. For comfortable inner-city mobility, our Smart Outdoor Furniture gives easy access to internet, light, and electricity to residents.

The Smart Data Management

All of these solutions are linked together with our Smart Data management. Our solution focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions by motivating and facilitating the cyclists and pedestrians to navigate the inner city. Furthermore, it also grants better management of the city or institution to improve communities and cities. We hope that cities will understand the urgency to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector and collaborate with us in the implementation of the solutions.

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