Whether it is a waste pick-up truck or the pile of trash on the street, waste is not a pleasant thing to see. Therefore, a waste management system is a crucial aspect of the development of cities in the urban area.

Human produce waste and this waste need to be treated.

In 2016, the Netherlands collected 4.3 tonnes of waste per inhabitant. With the increase of migration towards the urban area, it is crucial for cities to find the most efficient way to treat their waste. In the business-as-usual, the waste picks-up truck will empty the trash bin weekly or biweekly. This method works in general. But it is not efficient. Especially in the holiday season, the waste overflow due to the consumption of the people is a typical view. These waste will litter the area surrounding the waste bin and can cause an unpleasant sight, smell and might invite an unwanted guest (such as scavenger animals).

Sustainable and efficient waste pick-up system

Besides that, another issue with the current waste pick-up system is that the route of the truck sometimes is not sustainable and not efficient. The truck traffic flow is not viable because it emits an enormous amount of carbon emission.

Besides the carbon emission, if the timing is not correct, then the big size of the truck can cause short traffic jam around the area. It also occurs that there could be inefficient waste pick up because the bin was not full yet. On the other hand, it could be that the waste container is already overflowed with trash, but since it is not the schedule of waste pick-up, the trash still stays there.

Pick up the waste and not the container

Since the waste disposal of the customer depends on the trend of consumption, it is crucial to create a waste pick-up system that pick-up the actual trash and not only the trash container.

LUMIGUIDE smart mobility solution recognized this problem and collaborate with SENSONEO– Manage Waste Smarter to bring the technology for more efficiency in the waste pick up system.

Here are several ways that makes the waste detection technology able to detect waste accurately:

1. Monitoring of the bin in the real-time

With Smart Management System, it is possible to monitor the level of waste per container in real-time. The sensor is ultrasonic, robust, water and shock-resistant, fully function in a wide range of temperature. It can measure the distance from 3 cm up to 400 cm. There are several sizes available for this measurement. The sensor measures the fill-levels in the bin. It can connect to several IoT networks or GSM.

2. Identify the bin

Each bit can be a tag with IRFD tag, so the waste pick up company can identify which trash bin in what location.

3. Create the filling cycle of the bin to predict the future pick up

After a while, the management system will be able to predict the trend of the bin fullness and give an optimum prediction for the waste route and pick-up time.

4. Route planning for waste collection

With the data from the waste monitoring system, SENSONEO able to provides the best route suggestion that is the most efficient way for the waste pick-up. This means that the route for waste pick-up can be faster, and the company can reduce the transportation cost and emission.

5. Eliminate inefficient picks

Since the optimum pick-up route will be established, this route will eliminate the half-empty bins. The sensors will recognize the picks and use the real-time data on the fill-level and pick recognition to determine the best route.

6. Calculate the cost

The tool can also use several variables to calculate waste collection costs. This will indicate how effective the pick-up system is. With these variables, you can see the costs, costs/m3, cost/kg, duration, length km, volume m3 and weight kg for each route.

Besides the bin, you can also set up the collection vehicles, depots, discharges, and set their relative costs.

With the holiday season coming up, LUMIGUIDE wants to helps the resident to have a pleasant holiday and waste pick up the company to have more efficient time. Because with the SENSONEO time and cost-efficient technology, more time can be spent on family than get stuck in bad traffic and waste pick-up road.