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Meet LumiGuide Smart Mobility Solutions

LumiGuide Smart Mobility Solutions is a smart cities solutions provider harnessing the power of IT and data technology to help cities make cost-efficient choices today and create sustainable urban policies for tomorrow.

We have a passion for software development and creating livable cities. For us, this means making sure that everybody is able to move around the city with ease and in a sustainable way. This includes stress-free parking of your bicycle or car and getting the right information at the right time whilst finding your way through the city. It also means unclogged city-centers and a pleasant environment for city dwellers and visitors alike.

More About Us

LumiGuide provides governments and companies worldwide with tailored mobility advice and Smart Mobility Solutions based on the latest technologies. We harness the power of IT to help people make better choices today and create sustainable urban policies for tomorrow.

LumiGuide creates cities that are smart, sustainable and satisfying places to live and move in.

Transparency, integrity and cooperation are our core values:
We do what we say and say what we do, admit and correct mistakes when needed and work together with clients and partners to make the world a better place.

Meet Our Team

Monique Harmsen
Monique HarmsenCEO
Ton van Lieshout
Ton van LieshoutFinance Director
Roland van Dijk
Roland van DijkChief Engineering Officer
Roel van Dijk
Roel van DijkChief Technical Officer
Falco Peijnenburg
Falco PeijnenburgSoftware Engineer
Peter Bruinink
Peter BruininkApp Developer
Bas van Dijk
Bas van DijkAdvisor
Rowan Goemans
Rowan GoemansEmbedded Software Intern
Boye Koks
Boye KoksSoftware Developer
Janko Bunić
Janko BunićController & Quality Management
Ton van Laethem
Ton van LaethemChief Process Control
Max Bastiaans
Max BastiaansElectronics Engineer
Yorick van Pelt
Yorick van PeltSoftware Engineer
Nila Patty
Nila PattySustainable Business Developer

Our Clients

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