One of the bicycle parking facilities that our partner, Cyclepods has fitted with our smart bicycle parking management system, has been selected as the case study for the guideline of the European Commission project on clean transport, urban transport. This guideline can be used by city authorities to learn and implement green mobility in their cities.

One of the essential requirements for easy access to clean and urban transportation is cycle parking. The bicycle parking is a necessary component of a smart city: facilitate cyclist by providing a secure and accessible location to leave their bike in an organized way.

Brighton case study

The case study on the cycle hub in Brighton, UK is among one of the case studies for the bicycle parking. This city has medium urban areas with 275,800 population with starter level when it comes to cyclist (5%). The parking facility is located at the central train station which offers secure cycle parking facilities, bicycle servicing and repair, showers and changing facilities, a café and guided bike rides.

The bicycle parking facility has a spot for 500 bicycles with up to date information from our bicycle detection system. The information on the number of available parking spaces can be seen within the parking spot and from the outside of the parking facility. The facility is well-used – the occupancy rate is typically at least 60% on most weekdays – and has been well received by the public.