All major cities are in the continues process of development. Development often equals construction, and construction means blockaded and broken up streets. This requires the redirection of traffic which often comes with confusing traffic situations and a clutter of non-reliable signs. Utrecht is one of these cities and major re-construction is currently happening in the inner city.

The city of Utrecht realized that a smart solution is needed to facilitate the redirection of the traffic flow of cars, bicycles, and pedestrians in the city. However, the conventionally printed signs are labour intensive, too mainstream and not efficient. Besides that, the signs are easily moved by pranksters or stolen. It is also not a sustainable and efficient solution since any changes to the route, require you to print a new sign.

City DRIPs, solution in fast mobility city

To solve this problem, LUMIGUIDE created a smart solution for the municipality of Utrecht. Our City DRIPs (Dynamic Route Information Panels) solution allows the municipality to display the message that they want for the commuters in the city. Moreover, the information will be real-time information which means that the commuters always get up-to-date information on the traffic in the city.

Since the City DRIP is mobile, it can be placed in various locations, including the pedestrian way and the side of the road. The slim size of the City DRIPs allows it to give space for pedestrians and the users of the road without losing the critical information that is needed. It also uses battery power and can be linked to the city grid. This flexibility and the slim size allow for a significant impact on small streets for a short amount.

Sustainable dynamic digital sign

The full LED-matrix signs shows the message that you want, for example: alternative parking locations, opening hours, city events, etc. Moreover, from a sustainability point of view, the display is powered with battery and solar panel. Therefore, the City DRIPs gives almost zero-emissions in comparison to the conventional mobile sign, which uses a lot of diesel engine. Sustainability is a core value of our company, and we are working together with Club 49 to reduce our carbon emissions within our management, organization and our product. Together with our clients, we would like to create a city that is not only livable but also sustainable in the long run. We believe as a smart mobility company, that part of being smart is to take care of the planet.