Smart City Data Platform

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Smart City Data Platform

Solutions that interact with users by collecting data and giving information to guide mobility decisions.

Modular Data Platform

Use our online dedicated platform to gather, monitor and analyse relevant data on e.g. mobility, energy and waste.

  • Citizen-demand data can be collected in real time and compared with public service management data on one platform with various modules:

    • Urban Mobility Module (e.g. Parking Data,Traffic Flow Data)

    • Energy Module

    • Waste Management Module

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EcoCounter Data Platform

Waste Management System

Use Ultrasonic IoT Sensors to monitor your city’s waste in real-time:

  • Use the analytics for data-driven decision making in the optimization of waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads

  • Reduce your waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in your city up to 60%

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Data Analysis & Policy Recommendations

All results are downloadable as reports that can be used as input for local policy. Based on historic data and public goals, we give recommendations policy makers.

  • Data collected and linked to the smart city data platform is:

    • Visualized

    • Benchmarked

    • Analysed

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