2020: time for the Dutch to cut the emission by 25%

By |January 6th, 2020|Categories: Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Parking, Urban Mobility|

On the 20th of December 2019, the Dutch Supreme Court ordered the Dutch State to reduce Dutch greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the end of 2020. This is a historic legal order to [...]

The EU Green Deal: Next step towards climate neutral Europe 2050

By |December 16th, 2019|Categories: Bicycle detection, Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Parking|

Last week, Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President-Designate of the European Commission, presented the EU Green Deal. The European Green Deal focuses on improvement of the well-being of people. The presented proposal aimed to reach [...]

6 Ways to Create an Efficient Waste Management System

By |December 2nd, 2019|Categories: Smart Mobility, Smart Waste Management, Urban Mobility|

Whether it is a waste pick-up truck or the pile of trash on the street, waste is not a pleasant thing to see. Therefore, a waste management system is a crucial aspect of the [...]

Fietsparkeercongres 2019 focuses on innovation in bicycle parking

By |November 25th, 2019|Categories: Uncategorized|

Last week Wednesday, LUMIGIUIDE presented our Smart Parking Management Solutions for Bicycle Detection System during Fietsparkeercongres 2019. The congress was attended by various actors in the bicycle industry, including businesses, municipality and also the [...]

Ton van Lieshout receives knighthood of the Orde van Oranje-Nassau

By |November 18th, 2019|Categories: Smart Mobility, Team Player|

On Sunday evening, 17 November 2019 our financial director, Ton van Lieshout receive the knighthood of the Orde van Oranje-Nassau (Order of Orange Nassau) from the Kingdom of The Netherlands for his contribution to [...]

Why do we count people in the inner city?

By |November 11th, 2019|Categories: Smart Mobility, Traffic Flow Analysis, Urban Mobility|

LUMIGUIDE in cooperation with our partner Eco Counter, became the official contractors that will deliver bicycle and pedestrian counting data for 2019-2023 for the NDW (nationale databank wegverkeersgegevens). Counting pedestrian and cyclist will be [...]

City DRIPs: LUMIGUIDE’s newest mobile digital sign in the city of Utrecht

By |September 16th, 2019|Categories: Smart City, Smart Mobility|

All major cities are in the continues process of development. Development often equals construction, and construction means blockaded and broken up streets. This requires the redirection of traffic which often comes with confusing traffic [...]

Hub – Centre for mobility in the Groningen and Drenthe Province

By |September 9th, 2019|Categories: Smart City, Smart Mobility|

In the north part of the Netherlands, the Provincie Groningen together with Provincie Drenthe, OV bureau Groningen Drenthe and Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe collaborate to creates a hub. Hub is a transportation centre that [...]

LUMIGUIDE supports the Netherlands in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

By |August 19th, 2019|Categories: Smart City, Tactical Urbanism|

The Netherlands aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 in comparison to the 1990 level. The measure was presented in the National Climate Agreement that the Minister of Economic Affairs [...]

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