In the north part of the Netherlands, the Provincie Groningen together with Provincie Drenthe, OV bureau Groningen Drenthe and Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe collaborate to creates a hub. Hub is a transportation centre that links your journey in the region of Groningen and Drenthe.

The Hub focuses on the experience towards residential climate, recognisable, informative, timesaving, positive surprise and integration with the environment. Several facilities such as a kiosk, water tap, Wi-Fi or transfer point are linked together within the Hub. Moreover, you can also find public building such as a health centre, a community school or a store.

Hub is about Connectivity

Hub is a place where everything comes together. It can develop into a social-economic junction of the village, neighbourhood or region. It provides fast and easy access for mobility in the city. Currently, you can find around 50 Hub in the region of Groningen and Drenthe.

“A hub must be an attractive, pleasant and practical place that you enjoy travelling by and that minimises the “emotional costs” of waiting and switching.”

The idea developed because, in the future, the resident can use several different transportation models to navigate instead of using one direct transportation. To catch a train, someone can go by bicycle or car from their home to the train station, park it at Hub and take a train. When they arrived in their destination, they can enjoy lunch at the Kiosk within the Hub and rent a bike to arrive at their final destination. This kind of combination or mix-transportation is the idea of the future urban area that supports green mobility. In addition to that, Hub can also offer plenty of opportunity for a local entrepreneur, government and authorities to join the Hub.

LUMIGUIDE and city counting

To create a Hub, smooth mobility is vital in maintaining the efficiency of the Hub. Therefore, it is also necessary to understand the mobility trend around and within the Hub. Generating data on the travel habit of people can support the improvement of the infrastructure of the Hub. With our Traffic Flow Analysis based on counting technology for pedestrian, cyclist and mix traffic, it is possible to measures the trend of mobility within Hub. The counting also able to determine the accurate rush hours, which then can be used as a base for optimum distribution of the number of transportation and resources during a particular hour. The municipality will also know the quiet hours which then can be used for maintenance service of the facility without disturbing the primary traffic.

To learn about our counting technology, you can contact us or check on our solution on Traffic Flow Analysis.