From the 25th until 28th June 2019, the LUMIGUIDE team attended the Velo-City Conference 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. The Velo-City conference is the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) annual global cycling summit organised by the ECF and selected host cities. It is the world’s largest conference in the area of cycling, cycling infrastructure, bicycle innovations, bicycle safety, and the social and cultural changes driven by cycling on a global scale.

In this conference, everyone in the cycling industry meets and learns from each other. LUMIGUIDE was honoured to be part of one of the expert sessions during the conference. In this session on bicycle parking management, we shared the importance of having a parking management system for bicycles to obtain seamless mobility.

Our solution

With the growing number of countries using bicycles in their urban area for commuting to work, it is vital to provide sufficient parking facilities for the cyclist. In our talk, we shared our experiences in providing the world’s first bicycle route information system in Utrecht. This system consists of internet-based bicycle parking space detection and digital street signs. The information on bicycle parking behaviour the system generates can help the municipality to create better green mobility policy. With our technology, policy makers can for instance have real-time insight into the number of people that use the parking facility.

Curious as to how our technology can improve the green mobility in your city?

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