Project Description

P-Route Bicycle – Utrecht

Client: City of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Location: Utrecht, Central Railway Station Area
Project Type: Smart Parking Management System

On June 2nd 2015 the City of Utrecht unveiled the P-route bicycle system. The system developed by LumiGuide guides cyclists to available 3500+ parking spaces in 6 parking facilities in the city center via 25 digital displays.

The LumiGuide Bicycle Detection System has been retrofitted into several bicycle parking facilities. These facilities have their own (dynamic) displays showing available spots. In addition, signs and DRIPs (Dynamic Route Information Panels) have been placed along the main routes to the central station, showing cyclists where and how many parking spots are available in the linked-up facilities and in pop-up facilities. This is the ‘P-Route Bicycle’; Utrecht is the first city in the world to provide this to cyclists.