Last week, Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President-Designate of the European Commission, presented the EU Green Deal. The European Green Deal focuses on improvement of the well-being of people. The presented proposal aimed to reach the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The EU Green Deal aimed to make Europe to be:

1. Climate neutral by 2050

2. Protecting human life, animals and plants by cutting pollution

3. Help companies become world leaders clean production and technologies

4. Helpful in the ensuring a just and inclusive transition.

This was done based on the responses that 93% of Europeans view climate change as a serious problem. Moreover, the amount of European that have taken one action to tackle climate change reached 93%. With this, 79% of the European agree that taking climate action will lead to innovation.

The Sectors

1. Climate

In the climate aspect, EU will be climate neutral in 2050. The European Climate Law will be turned the political commitment into a legal obligation and a push for investment to be climate neutral.

2. Energy

Decarbonization of the energy sector will be one of the focus. 75% of the EU greenhouse gas emission come from the production and use of energy. Therefore, the decarbonization of energy sector will help to reach the climate neutral goal significantly.

3. Building

Building renovation is necessary to cut 40% of the energy consumption in the buildings. This renovation can help people to cut their energy bills and energy use.

4. Industry

Since only 12% of recycled materials are being used in European industry. An innovation within the industry sector is necessary to reach green economy.

5. Mobility

25% of transportation representing the emission in Europe. Cleaner, cheaper and healthier forms of private and public transportation is necessary to cut down the emission and to improve the well being of the people.

LUMIGUIDE and sustainable mobility

The green deal seeks a 90% reduction of the quarter emission from mobility by 2050. In the result from the European Union website, the share of the road transportation count for 71.7% from the total emission. Therefore, a smart mobility service is necessary to make transportation to be more efficient and cleaner.

As a Smart Mobility company, LUMIGUIDE focus on make green mobility such as bicycle and pedestrian to be accessible and easier in the city. Our smart technology of the P-route information system in Utrecht and the bicycle detection system in 65 parking spots across 3 countries will help to motivates people to cycle easier.

Cycling and investment on the good infrastructure in the urban area can be the fastest and cheaper solution to reduce the emission. To expect direct investment from the middle class on electric car in a short period is not only unrealistic but also giving a go on consumerism.

It is the time to improve the infrastructure for bicycle and pedestrian in inner city, implement smart mobility to manage the traffic and parking location and also inclusion so no one will left behind on the effort of carbon emission. In addition to that, pricing scheme that reflect the real impact on the environment is necessary. Aviation for example need to have lower allowance on the emission trading. The emission, urban congestion and improvement in public transportation will also by addressed by giving stricter standard on pollution by cars, reduction the pollution in EU port and improve air quality near airports.

Moreover, we are committed to also reduce our own carbon emission by 49% in 2030. We use Carbon tracker software to track our emission and to see which emission that we can reduce in order to read our goal.