On Sunday evening, 17 November 2019 our financial director, Ton van Lieshout receive the knighthood of the Orde van Oranje-Nassau (Order of Orange Nassau) from the Kingdom of The Netherlands for his contribution to the society. Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls, presented the award on behalf of the King of the Netherlands after the 36th NN Zevenheuvelenloop in the presence of family, friends, and colleagues.

Ton van Lieshout is part of the founding member of the zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Run) in Nijmegen 36 years ago. The running event is the biggest 15-km running event in the world. Every year it attracted more than 30,000 runners.

Besides his work in the LUMIGUIDE, Smart Mobility Solution for Smart Cities, Ton van Lieshout was awarded the royal honour for his efforts in various organizations in Nijmegen. The mayor admires his indefatigable and contagious enthusiasm. He is a versatile connector which supports others via his natural leadership.

LUMIGUIDE is particularly proud of this award and for his involvement in creating a better and liveable city for everyone. These days, Ton is busy to help the cyclist and pedestrian to have easy access within the inner city through our solutions that we offer to the municipalities.

If your city wants people to cycle more, it is vital to create a supportive condition for the cyclist. LUMIGUIDE provides solutions which are grouped into three solutions. Those are

  1. Smart Parking Management which includes Bicycle and car detection system, Real-time digital sign and mobile App.

  2. Urban Mobility Management which consisted of Route Information System, Traffic Flow Analysis, Smart Waste Management, and Smart Outdoor Furniture.

  3. Smart Data Management solution offers API data transfer.

Together with Ton van Lieshout, LUMIGUIDE invites you to promote mobility in your city by the implementation of our solutions, like in the city of Utrecht.

Once more, congratulation Ton for the awards and thank you for being the hero of our society.

Another article of Ton can be found in de Gelderlander (editie Zaterdag, 16 November 2019) and Trouw.