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Creating Sustainable Growth & Livable Cities

LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions is a smart cities solutions provider. We harness the power of IT and data technology to help cities make cost-efficient choices today and create sustainable urban policies for tomorrow.

Smart Parking Management

LUMIGUIDE has developed the first-ever Bicycle Detection System using Artificial Intelligence. We offer leading technologies in Smart Bicycle and Car Parking Management. The Smart Parking Management systems help commuters to find available parking spaces and the municipalities to monitor their parking facilities.

Urban Mobility Management

Our Urban Mobility Management solutions offer insight into pedestrian and bicycle traffic flows within the city. Different types of counters allow the city to create better policies on sustainable mobility and optimize traffic routes for its residents. Smart Waste Management ensures efficient waste collection and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Smart Data Management

Our Smart Data Management Solutions include a modular smart city dashboard where all smart city data can be combined and monitored. We also offer bespoke APIs to link up third party data communication systems, data streams or other applications to your system, and solutions for data analysis and mobility policy recommendations.

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Smart Cities? Smart Mobility?

Smart City, in its most basic sense, leverages technologies and innovations to enhance the living conditions of its residents. It encompasses optimizing the efficiency of city operations and services, and connecting citizens. Smart city technology enables city officials to interact directly with both communities and city infrastructure, and monitor what is happening in the city and how it is evolving.

Smart Mobility is one of the major requirements for the development of smart cities. It deals with providing intelligent and sustainable transportation solutions using innovative and integrated technologies. Smart Mobility promotes environmentally friendly transport modes such as bicycles, smart parking systems and digital way-finding. Other components are convenient and accessible multi-modal travel options, and efficient use of roads and resources.

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