Smart Parking Management

As a smart mobility company, LUMIGUIDE’s primary solutions are Smart Parking Management Systems for bicycles and cars.

Our Smart Parking Management Solutions interact with users by collecting data on the availability of parking spaces and giving this information to users, thus reducing the time spent looking for a place to park.

Bicycle Detection System

The LUMIGUIDE Bicycle Detection System is the first camera-based detection system for bicycle parking in the world.

  • Our optical sensor technology detects and monitors available bicycle parking spaces in real-time.

  • Evidence-based input for mobility policy making by using our online management information module.

  • Already implemented in more than 60 bicycle parking locations in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium.

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Car Detection Systems

LUMIGUIDE Car Detection Systems use various technologies to detect the presence of cars in indoor or outdoor parking facilities. Each individual parking space is monitored and availability is presented to your visitors via digital signs or red/green LED-lights.

  • Ultrasonic sensor technology or camera sensors for indoor parking, and AI-based technology for outdoor parking.

  • Digital LED-matrix signs for parking guidance and wayfinding; integration of sensors in linear lighting possible.

  • Real-time reporting via the management information module.

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Real-time Digital Signs

Static or revolving Digital Signs that interact with the public, adapting to their needs across a range of transport modes.

  • Route assistance for easy navigation to parking spaces for bicycles and cars.

  • Mobile City DRIP (Dynamic Route Information Panel) technology enables flexible traffic flow (re-)direction.

  • Up-To-Date information and wayfinding.

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Mobile Parking Apps

Mobile Parking Apps offer bicycle and car parking information to your residents and visitors, helping them to find a parking space quickly and efficiently.

  • Mobile Native or Web-based Apps available for Android and Apple users.

  • Help users find available parking spots across the country with just one click.

  • Powered by Smart Parking Management Systems, manual counting through our caretaker app, static data etc.

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