Bicycle Detection System

The LUMIGUIDE Bicycle Detection System is the world’s first optical sensor system for bicycle parking. Our system identifies available and occupied parking spaces in indoor and outdoor bicycle parking facilities. Digital signs show where and how many parking spaces are still available.

The system generates data on facility usage, real-time occupancy, parking duration and many other factors to help you to optimize the lay-out of the facility and improve wayfinding. Our management information module gives you visual insight into all relevant data of linked facilities, providing fact-based input for mobility management and policy making.

Detecting Bicycles

Our optical sensor technology uses camera sensors to “see” bicycles. We detect the occupied and the available spaces in the racks and in designated areas without racks. This information then gets sent back to the local facility server, which can then show real-time information on availability and location to users via the digital signs.

The camera sensors can be installed as a retro-fit application in existing facilities, built into the ceiling in new builds, or integrated into a linear lighting system.

This technology has already been implemented in more than 60 bicycle parking locations across The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium.

Detect Bicycles & Accurately Identify Abandoned Bicycles

With our bicycle detection system, you will gain insight into the usage of your parking facilities. This will help you to optimize your city’s green mobility policy, especially combined with our data on bicycle flows: you know which routes cyclists take, where they come from, what their destination is and when and where additional parking facilities may be needed.

In addition, you can now accurately identify abandoned bicycles and bicycles that have exceeded the allowed parking duration with our ‘abandoned bicycle module’. The system records parking duration for each individual bicycle and provides visual identification material to make it easier to remove or ‘quarantine’ these bicycles.

Download our Smart Bicycle Parking Management brochure here.

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