Urban Mobility Management

By 2040, 65% of the world population is expected to be living in cities. LUMIGUIDE offers its service in urban mobility management to make cities to be liveable for its residents. Urban mobility management focuses on green mobility modes such as cycling and walking. At the same time, we focus on carbon emission reduction by providing optimum traffic flow analysis for municipalities.

Route Information Systems

Digital signs that interact with the public, adapting to their needs across a range of transport modes. This means that they save time and, in the case of cars, generate fewer CO2 emissions since they do not have to drive around endlessly.

  • Permanent and Mobile City DRIP (Dynamic Route Information Panels) technology.

  • Solar-powered or grid-powered signs.

  • Various design and colours.

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Traffic Flow Analysis

A wide range of counters capable of automatically counting and classifying pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles simultaneously.

  • Various types of counters, from tubes to infrared and 3D video analysis.

  • High counting accuracy (>95%).

  • Data processed in real-time to a user-friendly dashboard.

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