Car Detection Systems

LUMIGUIDE’s car detection systems use ultrasonic technology or cameras to detect cars in indoor and outdoor car parks.

Indoor Car Detection

In indoor parking garages, either ultrasonic sensors or camera sensors can be used.

With ultrasonic sensors, the measurement relies on the distance between the signal sent and signal received on the sensor. The signal transmitter from the ultrasonic technology is connected to LED-lights, which indicate whether space is available (green) or occupied (red). Other colours are also possible, e.g. blue to indicate handicapped parking spaces.

Camera sensors can see multiple cars at the same time, and are also connected to LED-lights to indicate availability. The camera sensors can have ANPR technology, making it possible to link it to payment systems and offer ‘find-your-car’ services.

All sensors can be integrated into a linear lighting system: contact us to learn more about this option. Additionally, LED-matrix signs (re)direct your visitors to other levels, showing the number of available spaces or information on maintenance work/closure of a specific level.

Outdoor Car Detection for Off-street & On-street Parking

In cooperation with our partner, we offer a holistic parking solution for your smart city and outdoor parking lots:

  • Real-time navigation ensures the driver will arrive at an available parking spot, closest to her or his destination
  • Business Intelligence tool displaying real-time availability map, heat-map & statistics
  • The system can utilize existing CCTV cameras and infrastructure
  • Alternative guidance using VMS signs
  • Turn CCTV cameras into a revenue stream generator
  • Each camera sensor can cover up to 100 parking spots
  • Installation requires minimal disruption to the day-to-day car park operation
  • Illegal parking alerts in real-time
  • Optional payment on app

Contact us to learn more about this outdoor system.

Outdoor car detection

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