We are honored to have our new contract with ProRail featured in Spoor Pro magazine. Marieke van Gompel is editor of SpoorPro and general editor-in-chief of ProMedia Group wrote about our successful deal with ProRail to install bicycle detection system in its bicycle parkings in the Netherlands. Here is a translation of her article:

“ProRail has awarded the contract for a digital bicycle parking system to LumiGuide from Nijmegen. It concerns the third generation of digital bicycle parking systems that, according to the railway manager, is more reliable and comfortable for the traveler than the previous versions.

A digital referral system helps the traveler to find a free bicycle parking space at the station. Over the next eight years, 100,000 new bicycle parking spaces at stations will be equipped with this smart referral system. The first systems from this contract will be installed early next year in bicycle sheds at Groningen, Maastricht and Leeuwarden stations.

Bicycle parking system works with optical sensors

The smart digital bicycle parking system works with optical sensors instead of pressure sensors. By using an AI algorithm, the system itself recognizes camera images of parked bicycles. As a result, all sizes of bicycles can be recognized and the system can be used in any part of the parking facility.

The system keeps track of when a bicycle has been placed, so that the bicycle parking manager (NS Fiets or the municipality) can remove bicycles that have been parked for too long. A digital signpost makes it easy to see which places are still available.

ProRail manages more than half a million bicycle parking spaces at stations and this number is growing every year. The first ‘contemporary’ bicycle sheds were built twenty years ago. These must also continue to meet the comfort and availability requirements. Therefore, maintenance and replacement are important reasons for the new contract with Lumiguide BV. The rail manager indicates that it will use the new referral system for a longer service life and less use of materials”.

Here is the original Dutch version of the article: https://www.spoorpro.nl/spoorbouw/2021/11/01/prorail-gunt-contract-voor-digitaal-fietsparkeersysteem-stations-aan-lumiguide/?gdpr=deny