Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste Management is the latest way to manage waste in urban areas. The ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors, which monitor waste in real-time in combination with sophisticated software, will help you to achieve cost reductions of up to 30%.

Monitor & Manage your Waste

Our Smart Waste Management System offers a powerful cloud-based platform which enables you to configure, monitor and manage your city’s daily waste management.

Moreover, it also monitors waste real-time. This tool is also useful in determining optimal collection routes and semi-automated navigation. LUMIGUIDE provides the service in partnership with SENSONEO.

Waste Management Analytics
Smart Waste Sensor

Data-driven Decisions

In addition, the data are analysed to help you in creating data-driven decisions using various types of statistics, reports and measurements related to monitored bins and their content, pick-up analysis and collection route analyses. The smart waste management can provide:

  • Real-time waste monitoring
  • Prediction for bin fullness
  • Detailed database of bins and stands inventory
  • Interactive bin map including street view
  • Route planning for waste collection
  • Overview of scheduled and executed routes
  • Database of citizen reports
  • Fire and tilt alarm

How can Smart Waste Management help you?

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