Last week Wednesday, LUMIGIUIDE presented our Smart Parking Management Solutions for Bicycle Detection System during Fietsparkeercongres 2019. The congress was attended by various actors in the bicycle industry, including businesses, municipality and also the community. As part of the Tour de Force, this Bicycle Parking Conference was organized by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, NS, ProRail, the municipality of Utrecht and CROW-Fietsberaad.

Morning Tour

The congress started with a morning tour to various bicycle parking facility near Utrecht Station. We visited the Stationpleinstalling (the largest bicycle parking facility in the world), Jaarbeurspleinstalling service and Vredenburgplein parking facility, where we has implemented our bicycle detection system. The beautiful winter weather accompanied our tour which lasted for 2 hours. The tour in every facility was very informative. Each facility had slightly different attribution in the service that is offered to the people and the different detection system. The Vredenburg, for example, showed an accurate measurement of available rack directly from the entrance for the bottom and upper rack based on the data from our optical sensor technology. This means people don’t have to go all the way to the underground parking facility before they decided if they want to park there or not. Moreover, if the parking facility is full, the real-time digital sign will redirect them to the free one.

Camera sensor technology for bicycle detection

Since 2014, LUMIGUIDE has been implementing camera sensor technology for bicycle detection system within the bicycle parking facility. We are the first in the world to implement such technology to detect bicycle in real-time. With our technology being implemented in 65 parking facilities across Europe, we helped the cyclist to navigate their way easier to the city and also give up-to-date information to the municipality regarding the trend of the parking facility and the dynamic of the cyclist within the parking facility.

The Afternoon Conference

After lunch, the group then joined the rest of the attendance in the Bicycle Parking Conference at NS-Punt in Utrecht. The location was unique because it is decorated with the station sign and the replica of the intercity train and ICE speed train from NS. The conference was opened by the general director of CROW, Pieter Litjens followed with a keynote by innovation expert, Frans Nauta. In his speech, he gave a vision that the bicycle industry needs innovation and invited the audience to innovate together. Afterwards there were two pitch sessions where LUMIGUIDE also shared our Smart Parking Management that we implemented together with Utrecht Municipality and Utrecht University. The conference was ended with a panel discussion between the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, NS, ProRail and the municipality of Utrecht.

LUMIGUIDE: The Future of Bicycle Parking Management

LUMIGIDE Smart Mobility has innovation and sustainability as the core value of our company. We realized that it is crucial to create innovation around bicycle parking management. With our optical sensor, the municipality can optimize the usage or bicycle parking facility. The accuracy of the optical sensor in combination with the digital display helps the cyclist to park their bike more efficiently in the correct location.

Sometimes to make a less cluttered city, you needs to give a better facility and creates easy access for the cyclist to park their bike in the correct parking facility. The Fietsplek Mobile App combined with P-route information system of LUMIGUIDE offers accurate and easy access for the cyclist to choose the right parking location. Moreover, the digital sign will also further guides the cyclist to park their bike in the available rack. The cyclist can also decide if they prefer to park at the bottom or on the upper part of the rack because our digital display provides accurate information on both racks.

In this conference, we shared how our innovation and technology helped the mobility of the cyclist and optimized the use of parking facility in Utrecht. As the cycling country, with an increasing urban population, cities need to start implementing an innovative system to manage bicycle mobility and parking in the future.

LUMIGUIDE always open to collaborate and discuss further in the transparent, integrity and cooperative manner because we provide governments and companies worldwide with tailored mobility advice and Smart Mobility Solutions based on the latest technologies.