After several months, finally, you will be able to enjoy our technology at the Neude bicycle parking facility in March 2020. This facility will be part of the new Post Utrecht. The parking facility will be underground with digital displays on which rack has free parking location. The facility will hold 700 bicycles at Neude.

Post Utrecht

The location of the facility is at the basement area of Post Utrecht, which is the former post office on the Neude. This location has a new, promising destination. Residents and visitors to the Utrecht city centre will soon be able to enjoy fresh products here, shop at retailers of the broadest type and unwind from the hectic pace of the city center in the library or coffee lounge. Besides that, there will be a bicycle parking facility located in the basement area of the site. To access the parking facility, you can enter from the Neude-Drakenburgstraat corner. Besides, there is entrance and exit for pedestrian via the old monumental entrance on the Neude.

AI technology to detect the bicycles

LUMIGUIDE use AI technology to identify the bikes and to determine if a facility is full or not. Everything is automated with almost 100% accuracy. We are the first in the world that use cameras with AI technology to detect bicycle within their facility. With years of experiences and trust in more than 60 locations across three countries. LUMIGUIDE gives easy access to cyclist within the inner city to navigate easier. Besides the bicycle detection system, we will also include the Neude facility in our P-route information systems that are located in the city of Utrecht.

Promoting and supporting cycling infrastructure is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a healthier city with lower carbon emission, which help on the sustainability and green mobility of the urban city.