RCT innovatiemakelaar Ruud Schuurman visited LumiGuide and discovered the interesting projects that this young company has. LumiGuide was founded in 2014 by three young technicians who wanted to introduce smart technology for bicycle parking facilities.

In the urban area, traffic nuisance is not something that we can avoid. For example, the problem in finding a parking spot for a car can cause annoyance, congestion and loss of time, plus extra emissions of exhaust gases that affect air quality. Finding a parking spot can be equally annoying for cyclist. Although cyclist can always park to the left or right for a short stop, a designated parking spot at key points in the city is vital to creating better mobility in the urban area and promote green movement.

More than smart parking system

LumiGuide provides a strong ambition in the field of traffic management. Our first optic sensor system was implemented in Nijmegen’s bike parking space at Plein 1944. With this system, cyclists can navigate their way to available parking spots more efficiently via digital signs outside and inside the facility. Soon after, we installed the first Bicycle Route Information System in the world in the city of Utrecht. Besides smart parking system, LumiGuide also offers a Smart City Data Platform, which gives real-time information about city mobility.  In addition, we offer bicycle and pedestrian counters to monitor traffic flows.

Read more about our development and the interview (in Dutch) from Huub Luijten in Het Ondernemers Belang.