The Four Day Marches (Vierdaagse) officially open yesterday with fireworks at the Waal. The Vierdaagse will start Tuesday until this week Friday (16-19 July 2019). But the festivities (Vierdaagsefeesten) already started last Saturday (13 July 2019). The Vierdaagsefeesten (13-19 July 2019) attract thousands of people to Nijmegen. It is the biggest festival in Nijmegen with various types of music, foods and activities.

Vierdaagse and Vierdaagsefeesten

The Four Days Marches will be held for the 103rd time this year. It is an annual walking event where people from all over the world walk for four consecutive days. Annually, tens of thousands of walkers participate in this event. This year, there will be 47,000 official participants. Besides the walk, the Vierdaagsefeesten also attract hundreds of thousands of people to party and have some fun in the city. This public event gives a spot for everyone to listen to music, enjoy activities and get some foods and drinks with family and friends.

Difficulty in finding a parking spot

As you can image, with the large festivities come the difficulties in mobility, especially when in comes to finding a parking spot to park your car or bicycle. Many of the cyclists decide to park their bike in someone garden, the rail of the bridge or on street corners.

Why? Because they don’t know where to park their bike without going around to every single bicycle parking garage.

Solution to the parking problem

To solve this problem, LUMIGUIDE developed a WebApp for the cyclist and car drivers in Nijmegen. This App will give easy access for cyclist and car drivers to find a parking spot in the city center without having to drive or ride around the city. The Green Mobility App helps cyclist and car drivers to find a free parking spot. With this App, you can go through those waves of people with a single aim to get that free parking spot. You can open the Green Mobility app via the browser of your phone and ‘add it to your home screen’ via the web browser.

Green Mobility App and FietsPlek

Besides the Green Mobility WebApp, LUMIGUIDE also provides an App to find a bike parking spot in various cities of the Netherlands. FietsPlek App is available on the App Store from Android and Apple. This App will also give you information on bicycle parking in Nijmegen.

Possible removal of your bicycle

For those of you who still think that it is safe to park your bike anywhere, remember that the Nijmegen municipality (via AFAC) has the right to remove your bike if you park it illegally in the city. This can then cost you a hefty fine.

Our suggestion? Use the App and find your legal parking spot.